Onstage Success for the Performing Musician

You can be a Successful Singer

Brett Manning, #1 Vocal Coach has joined up with  Tom Jackson, #1 Live Music Producer, in this DVD series to help you become the best singer you can be onstage!

You have an awesome opportunity to improve your live show and have a successful music career. You see, when you’re recording, a record producer makes your recording the best it can be. But when you do a live show, you need a Live Music Producer to make your live show the best it can be! A Live Music Producer works with your Live Music the same way a Record Producer works with you in the Studio and your success will ultimately be determined by what you do “live,” even if you get signed to a major label recording contract.

Watch this clip with Tom Jackson & Brett Manning from one of the DVDs

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Tom Jackson is the #1 top Live Music Producer in the music industry. He has worked with nearly every genre from Rock to Pop to Christian Gospel, and artists that have learned from him have had hundreds of #1 songs, sold tens of millions of records, and played to countless millions of fans live. But his Live Music Methods will help anyone who performs onstage.


As Tom would say, “this is important stuff” and it needs to be in your budget! You spend thousands of dollars on your recordings, buying gear, and on publicity. But the best form of marketing is your live show.


Spending time and money on your live show can’t be an afterthought. It needs to be part of the plan for your success. So Tom is offering his Onstage Package 3-DVD set for a special price for a limited time only.


Ever heard of Tom Jackson? Tom is world renowned as a Live Music Producer to many top artists. Tom has worked with artists like Jars of Clay, Jordin Sparks, The Band Perry, Taylor Swift, James Bryan, Casting Crowns, Gloriana and many others. These artists know how to connect with their audience, create engaging moments and build fans for life. Tom Jackson’s program will teach you how it’s done. That’s what Tom does. And no one does it better than Tom Jackson.


Tom has a complete DVD series filmed at his Live Music Seminars. In this series, Tom shares tons of valuable information and teaches you specifics that you can start using right away. If you are familiar with Tom, he is highly entertaining, very encouraging, and passionate about empowering every artist to take it to the next level on stage.

All Roads 4 - Show Me the Show - DVD

Because of this special offer, you can get the entire program Today, at a serious discount! So, YOU WIN! You can get this Onstage Package at a great price, and learn the secrets of how to go from good to great, building your fan base, and creating a career in Music.


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What a rehearsal looks like

Tom Jackson recently shared a conversation he had about how rehearsals should really look. Here’s what he said:


“The former guitar player for Prince, Dez Dickerson, was telling me about their rehearsals. If you’ve seen any video of Prince or seen him live, he goes off on jams that appear completely spontaneous. Sometimes they’re so off the wall, you wonder where they came up with the stuff they did!


I asked him, how did you get from that place to this funky thing to this Pink Floyd thing to this breakdown, to this jammin’ stuff — and it all seems so spontaneous? And he said one word And he said one word…“practice.” In practice they got an instinct, they were jamming, and they went down that road in practice. The idea came to them, they stopped, went back, fleshed it out, and rehearsed it to where it was really tight and they didn’t have to think about it.”


That is what you need to do, “Learn how to Capture and Engage Your Audiences, Let them Experience Moments with Your Music, and Change Their Lives.”


Time and money

Live Music Producer Tom Jackson talks a lot about the “new music industry” and how artists need to major in the majors with both their time and their money, and it is TRUE! Recently, Tom wrote a blog about why artists should be nailing their live show:


As artists, we need to start thinking with a new model. We need a new paradigm. I just came back from half a dozen speaking engagements with about 150 CDs from various artists. Some of them are gorgeous! The amount of time, energy, and money spent on them is staggering. And though the intention is right, the way we’re doing it does not help the artist.


Can I tell you how the conversation usually goes? An artist hands me a CD and they say, “I’d love for you to listen to this and tell me what you think.” To be honest, I used to listen to every CD I was given. I even took some notes, so I would be prepared when the artist would call to find out what I thought. (I told them the only stipulation was that they had to contact me, and I would give them my card and number.) I was amazed that over 90% of the artists NEVER followed up with a phone call!…”


Now you can learn and develop the skills you need onstage to make YOUR Live Music Show and Songs both powerful and memorable. Tom Jackson’s All Roads Lead to the Stage Complete DVD set will give your career a leg up and help you get to the Next Level!


Testimonials – Words from the Wise

Here’s what they are saying about Tom Jackson’s teaching: (choose 2 or 3 of the following quotes)

“Tom Jackson is a jaw-droppingly outstanding live music producer. His insightful observations and suggestions are so dead-on. A true master, and I don’t mean that lightly. I’m recommending him to every serious performing artist I know.” — Derek Sivers, founder of CDBaby and HostBaby


“Tom makes a major impact…he’s a true creative partner who helps realize the artist’s full performance potential.” — Matt Serletic, Producer (Santana, Celine Dion, Aerosmith, Matchbox Twenty, Rob Thomas)


“Thanks to Tom for helping me on the road to American Idol!” Jordin Sparks, Recording Artists, American Idol Winner


“I believe Tom may be one of the few people that can move the needle for artists during this crazy time in this “new” music business. In other words – Hire him and watch your bottom line increase!” — Ariel Hyatt, President, Ariel Publicity & Cyber PR


“Tom, you remind me of why I’m a musician…for the love of the music, and the desire to create moments to make someone’s spirit dance and come alive inside.” — Spence Smith, Big Tent Revival


“Tom’s classes on performance are the most insightful and comprehensive I’ve ever seen on the subject.” — Dez Dickerson, former guitarist for Prince and the Revolution, President Absolute Records


“Tom finds a perfect balance between technique, rehearsal, and spontaneity. The best thing for an artist? Spending one-on-one live music producing time with Tom. The next best thing? Owning these DVDs!” — Jeanine Guidry, Offering Band


“I found your DVDs, watched them, took scrupulous notes, and re-wrote our show based on what you said. The change is incredible. We sell five times as many CDs now. We’re opening for a pretty big band next weekend — they were asking US how to improve THEIR show!” – S. Lawrence


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to increase your fan base, sell more CDs, and improve your live show. This offer won’t last long!


Are you boring to watch onstage?

That may be an insulting title, But if you are brave enough to ask yourself that question and honestly answer it, you’ll end up much nearer to being ready to play your songs in front of people without fear.


If you don’t plan what you DO on stage, there is a good chance you are doing the same thing from beginning to end of your show…just singing songs. Your songs don’t all Sound the Same so don’t let them all Look the Same, it is hard to watch.


The truth is…you can CAPTIVATE people by simply planning a few “Changes” during your performance…and they can be very small changes…yet they will make a Big Change in how the audience feels when they watch your show.


What little changes? Tom Jackson says doing the same thing for an hour on stage is Chinese Water Torture (drip, drip, drip…). So he teaches singers and bands how, where, and when to change up little things, from how long a song lasts (including having a “live” version of the song that’s not like the CD version) to your posture and presentation… to how you do your set list… to how you handle a microphone stand that will show you have Confidence on stage.


So if you want to never be “lost” on stage again, watching the audience glance at their watches while you play, you need to get this highly recommended program, especially now at this lower price: Get Tom Jackson’s All Roads Lead to the Stage Live Music Method Complete DVD Today!


No regrets

Hesitation is what we all sit and regret later. “I wish I’d asked her to dance.” “I wish I’d taken more chances.” “I wish I’d started my own business.” “I wish I’d made my CD when it was first a burning dream in my heart.”


And if you hesitate on the Tom Jackson’s All Roads Lead to the Stage Live Music Method Complete DVD offer, you’ll regret it. If you want to NEVER walk onto a stage like a lamb to be sheared again…but instead walk onto the stage like a lion who is in charge of the evening, then get Tom’s special offer on the All Roads Lead to the Stage Complete Live Music Method DVD set.